Morning or Afternoon? When’s the BEST time to EXERCISE. What I found out sounds so crazy…

Some people roll out of bed and head right to the gym. There are others that don’t have the energy for a good workout until later on in the day.

What these people should understand is that there is much more to choosing the time of day that best suits them before working out.

When an individual works out, it is supposed to make them feel good. If they work out first thing in the morning when the muscles are still tight, it can be counterproductive. The same is true if a person works out too late in the day and it makes it difficult for them to sleep at night.


Some CRAZY Advantages Of Afternoon Workouts You Just Won’t Believe..

Many find early morning workouts to be beneficial. However, if a person is busy in the morning and they cannot workout before noon, they shouldn’t worry. Recent studies have shown that over time, the body can adapt to a dedicated workout time.

If a person hit the gym at 4 pm each day, eventually they will perform better than they would in the morning or the afternoon.

The findings are similar to what was found in earlier studies. If the individual were stick to a regular workout schedule, they will perform better, they will experience higher oxygen consumption, and they won’t tire as easily. Unfortunately, scheduling a daily workout can be a bit more difficult than choosing a time that is best.
The body’s temperature has a lot to do with the quality of a workout.

If the body is cold, the muscles will be stiff. Stiff muscles are more prone to sprains and pulls. If a person’s body temperature is higher, the muscles will be more flexible.

The body’s temperature has a lot to do with the quality of a workout. If the body is cold, the muscles will be stiff. Stiff muscles are more prone to sprains and pulls. If a person’s body temperature is higher, the muscles will be more flexible.

Throughout the day, a person’s body temperature increases. Because of this, their endurance and muscle strength is at it peak in the later afternoon when the body temperature is at its highest. Also, their reaction time is the fastest in the afternoon, and the heart rate and blood pressure are the lowest. The combination of these things can improve workout performance and reduce the risk of injury.

The optimal workout time also has a lot to do with hormone levels. Muscle growth has a lot to do with testosterone levels in both men and women. During resistance training, the body will produce more testosterone during the late afternoon than it will when a person first wakes up in the morning. The stress hormone called cortisol allows the body to store fat. It also causes a reduction in muscle tissue.

This hormone peaks in the morning, therefore, it can counteract a morning workout. Over the course of the day, the level of cortisol decrease, making late day workouts more effective.

If an individual’s daily schedule makes it impossible for them to workout later in the day, they shouldn’t worry too much. It is possible to have a successful and effective workout in the morning as well.


Morning Workouts have their benefits too – find out why..

For some people, sticking to a morning workout regimen is more convenient. Many people have a lot going on which would cause an afternoon workout to conflict with other responsibilities. Also, after a person works all day, they might be tired by late afternoon. This fatigue can take a toll on their drive and willpower, making it difficult to want to go to the gym.

If a person works out in the morning, it can be helpful in getting a good night’s sleep. Exercise increases the heart rate as well as the body temperature. If a person works out too late in the day, often after 8 pm, it can disrupt sleep. According to one study, if a person works out at 7 am rather than 1 pm or 7 pm, it could help them sleep better at night.

According to another study, if a person does 45 minutes of moderate exercise, such as walking on the treadmill or taking a brisk walk, it can curb their appetite after working out. This reduction in appetite will prevent overeating early in the day.

Also, since a person can burn 20 percent more calories on an empty stomach, working out in the morning is best since this is the time of day when the stomach is mostly empty.

Morning or Afternoon? What’s the VERDICT?

Overall, the most important thing is to come up with a consistent exercise schedule that you know that you can stick to, regardless of the time of day. If a morning workout is more convenient, the individual should make sure to do warm-up exercises to prepare the muscles that became cold and tight while sleeping.

If afternoon workouts are more convenient, it is best to treat them like important appointments that cannot be broken. It is a good idea that the individual find a workout partner and they keep a gym bag with workout clothes in the car. Taking these steps will keep a person from making excuses to avoid going to the gym.



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