MK-677 for Fat Loss: Review, Dosage Guidelines, and Side Effects

Thanks to countless hours sitting in front of computer and TV screens, many of us have too much fat and not enough muscle. This unbalanced body composition can affect basic activities such as carrying groceries or performing yard work. It may also increase the chance of experiencing health complications such as diabetes or osteoporosis.

While the use of SARMs (which include human growth hormone) can make some people nervous, MK-677 utilizes groundbreaking science that encourages the body to release stored fat and promote muscle growth.

MK-677, also referred to as Ibutamoren, is gaining popularity among bodybuilders thanks to its ability to boost the metabolism and shed fat.


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Things to Know Prior to Purchasing MK-677

MK-677, a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) is capable of a lot of impressive things.

When taken as an oral supplement, it can help encourage the body to release stored fat, boost lean muscle mass, improve the strength of the bones, and increase longevity.

For people trying to lose weight and build muscle, MK-677 can be a great option, especially for the older population.

MK-77 has been shown to improve bone strength in adults older than 65, increase mineral bone density in women that are post menopausal (this decreases their risk of osteoporosis), and slow functional decline in adults between 65 and 84.

Bodybuilders may also get great results from MK-677 can also help bodybuilders achieve excellent results. When used in conjunction with strength training, MK-677 can help athletes notice more pronounced muscle-building results.



MK-677: What Are the Pros and Cons?

MK-677 is said to help build muscle mass, strengthen bones, and improve overall body composition.

It can be purchased in a liquid, powder, or pill form and can be safely used both short-term and long-term.

It is an ideal supplement for adults seeking to lose weight while still maintaining and building healthy muscle composition.

Achieving the best results requires a healthy diet and regular physical activity.

Pros of Taking MK-677 as a Supplement:

  • It is legal to purchase it online in the United States
  • Positive results have been clinically proven in men and women, especially when they are over age 65
  • When it is taken orally on a daily basis, it eliminates the need for injections or doctor visits
  • Rather than an anabolic steroid, it works by naturally affecting growth hormone

Cons of Using MK-677 as a Supplement:

  • It may actually cause weight gain if participants do not follow a healthy diet and exercise regimen
  • It may decrease insulin sensitivity and is therefore unsafe for diabetics
  • Since it has an effect on human growth hormone, it may cause a positive result on drug tests for steroids
What Are the Main Benefits of MK-677?

Orally supplementing with Taking MK-677 orally can create several positive effects in the body:

1. An Increase in the Serum Concentration of Growth Hormone and IGF-1

One study found that participants who consumed MK-677 experienced an increase of 39 to 89 percent in their levels of IGF-1. IGF-1 directly affects the body’s ability to produce lean muscle mass and burn fat.

It also possesses healing properties that can help heal and build tendons, bones, injuries, and ligaments. On the surface, it can also help tighten loose, sagging skin.

2. The Reversal of Nitrogen Wasting

MK-677 can help prohibit the body from using muscles for energy as you lose weight – an effect known as nitrogen wasting. Participants in the study were able to maintain muscle mass and use fat stores for energy instead.

3. A Decrease in the Amoung of Stored Fat

Supplementing with MK-677 can influence where your body stores the calories you eat. In the majority of adults, excess calories are stored as fat. MK-677 can help switch this and help those calories be deposited as muscle instead.

4. An Increase in Density of Minerals in the Bones

Adults past the age of 65 who supplemented with MK-677 as part of a clinical trial saw in improvements in the strength and density of their bones.

This study indicates that MK-677 has the potential to help lower the chance of older adults developing bone diseases such as osteoporosis by increasing their bone mineral density.

What Is the Appropriate Dosage of MK-677?

The appropriate dosage of MK-677 depends on a person’s lifestyle, goals, and weight. For example, a smaller adult around 160 to 170 pounds may start by taking 12 to 15mg per day (on training days, 15mg may be the preferred amount in order to obtain the best results). Some people choose to take MK-677 every day, except for on the weekend.

For adults training every day of the week, they may wish to take the supplements every day or 6 days per week.
Although a 12 to 15mg dose may work for smaller adults, some people (especially bodybuilders) prefer to take a higher dose around 25 to 30mg. Bodybuilders usually take this dosage on a 5/2 schedule (5 days on, 2 off). Since this higher dose may cause water retention, adults seeking a more athletic look may wish to stick to a smaller dosage. Adults wishing to bulk up will most likely find more success with the 30mg dosage.

Final Thoughts on MK-677 Supplements

Maintaining a strong, healthy body is crucial for a long, full life.

Whether your goal is to build muscle, drop pounds, or if you are past the age of 65 and hoping to preserve your bones and muscles, MK-677 may be an ideal fit. This powerful supplement has been proven to help burn fat, maintain bone strength, and build muscle mass.

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