Is Chris Hemsworth On Steroids?

Here comes the amazing Thor, and he’s now in the bodybuilding arena. Guys all over the place would love to stack up with the kind of body Thor’s sporting since he’s highly recognized for it.

Actually, it’s Chris Hemsworth, an actor hailing from down under. He’s just the lucky one who was chosen to portray Thor in the Marvel movies, and that’s what made him famous.

However, he was cast in other roles before, so there are lots of pictures available to look at and try to determine whether he’s using steroids or not to get the buff body he’s so well known for.

It’s pretty normal in today’s elite circles for celebrities to make bodybuilding and its results a part of what they focus on. After all, having a strong and “manly” body is almost expected in Hollywood. So, how do the big-timers get those bulky looks? They usually have a basis of a specific diet approach and an intensive workout, but some take it a little further, and we’re going to look at the evidence now to see whether that’s what Chris Hemsworth is up to.

The Story Behind Chris and Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding has never really been Chris’s thing, and he’s been real about that when speaking with others. Overall, he’s always been pretty healthy, and he’s been known to regularly share his preference for surfing as opposed to lifting and bodybuilding.

Pics of Chris in his earlier days show that he hasn’t always been as buff as he is now, but he still looked pretty good and was in good shape. In his early 20s, he already possessed the kind of body shape that would lend itself to bulking up with muscles later in life given the right routine.

He first started getting into bodybuilding in 2009 when he was cast for the role of Thor, and he’s said multiple times that the workout routine he underwent in training for the role was unlike anything he experienced previously. Since he was in his prime at 25 and had a body predisposed to bulking up, it was pretty easy for him to put on new muscle. However, for him to keep that muscle buildup and add more to it was challenging as time passed.

That’s how he made the change to doing bodybuilding full time in order to keep preparing for the movies. He stuck to a strict diet and kept his intense workout routine. It seemed to have worked, but would that be enough to get him the bulky look he has?

So Does Chris Take Steroids?

A close look at the facts will help answer this question. Chris honestly admitted he wasn’t into bodybuilding, and pictures showed that proof. He also only put on 20 pounds before Thor. These are solid indications that he didn’t take steroids, because it’s normal to gain that amount for a non-bodybuilder. Steroids would have at least doubled that number.

Chris’s next stint as Thor was in 2012, and he had more time to pack on muscle. He also doesn’t show physical signs of steroids. This holds true all the way to 2017. Chris has some of the biggest muscles in Hollywood, but he still doesn’t have signs of using steroids. That means it’s either natural or he’s good at covering it up.

The Final Answer Is In.

It seems the answer is that no, Chris Hemsworth doesn’t take steroids. Maybe he’s taking other supplements to help with bodybuilding, but if he is, we can’t judge that. Looking at his younger pictures, he appears to have the right body shape for building up a good muscle supply.

It could be that his years as a surfer helped to shape that body and prep it for the intense workouts he would be doing later for Thor.

It would be great if we all had these awesome genetics and the right body shape to get buff easily, but alas, we don’t. That’s not a reason to throw in the towel and be miserable, because even you can get a body like the amazing Thor has. All it takes is a commitment to the right kind of diet and an intense, muscle-building workout routine. It’s not easy to be a bodybuilder, but it can be fun.

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