If You’re Bulking Up, Should You Use Liquid or Oral Dianabol?

You’ll sometimes find Dianabol injections sold under different names, such as Averbol or Reforvit-B. Dianabol is an anabolic steroid that has been on the U.S. market since 1960 and sold as both an injection or an oral tablet.

Its effectiveness makes it a popular steroid with bodybuilders.

Differences between oral and injectable dianabol


The injectable variety of this steroid is less harsh on the liver but is also hard to find and slow to act. Therefore, most people who use the steroid go with the oral pill.

Dianabol is a C17 alkylate and therefore undergoes changes once it reaches the liver. It is important to monitor these changes as the steroid can cause toxicity of the liver. Its injectable form acts faster than the pill because the liquid is able to bypass the primary liver filter that the oral pill cannot.

Our liver sometimes changes the makeup of certain chemicals we ingest in order to make it easier for our bodies to use them. While this makes the compounds less toxic, it can increase the toxicity of the liver. Long-term liver toxicity can eventually lead to liver damage.

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How Does Dianabol Work in Liquid Form?

Liquid Dianabol is something a bodybuilder can inject or take orally under the tongue. It may be safer to take the steroid via injection, however, as the oral version has to pass through the liver and could put unnecessary strain on it.

An injection also allows one to avoid the unpleasant aftertaste associated with taking it orally. Aside from this unpleasant aftertaste and the aforementioned liver toxicity, there are several other side effects associated with Dianabol.

  • Inhibition of testosterone production
  • Bloating and retaining water
  • Gynecomastia
  • A decrease in good cholesterol and an increase in the bad.
  • Loss of hair or pattern baldness
  • Skin breakouts
  • Female virilization

Reforvit-B from Mexico is one of the main sources of liquid Dianabol. Some concerns associated with this steroid include sanitation, but opinions on this vary.


What is the Optimum Dianabol Dosage?

It is easier for a bodybuilder to adjust their dose of Dianabol if they are using the injectable form of the steroid. This is because the injection comes in easy-to-use 50mg/ml doses, and most users report they take between 20 and 40 milligrams daily.

The downside of using injectable Dianabol is that it may require you to get more than one injection daily. The steroid’s half-life is only between six and eight hours, so anyone working out more than once per day will likely need more than a single injection.

A full recommended cycle is around four to six weeks with a two-week break in between.


The Injectable Version and the Oral Version

Both main types of Dianabol will act fast but as stated, the injectable variety will be somewhat faster thanks to its ability to pass through that liver check. For maximum effect, it is recommended that bodybuilders take the steroid around 45 minutes prior to their workout routine. Liver toxicity remains an issue regardless of which form of the drug you take, but the injectable version shows slightly less toxicity overall.

This effect combined with the increased speed at which it metabolizes may make it a preferable choice over its oral counterpart. Positive results tend to be the same regardless of which version a bodybuilder uses, but the main criticism of the injectable one is its quality level and how well the suspension fluid performs. Purchasing the drug online can be a risk as not all labs have the same regulations and thus may not have the same quality standards.

If you’re just starting out with Dianabol, it’s important to keep track of your weight, body fat, and muscle mass index. Knowing these numbers will help you set and regulate a goal so you can measure how effective the steroid is for your purposes. Many experts recommend starting your regimen with a liver screening in order to get a handle on base toxicity levels.

Because there is a risk of increasing bad cholesterol levels, identifying your current levels is a good idea too. Too much bad cholesterol may put you at greater risk for heart problems in the future.


What Are the Overall Effects of Dianabol On the Body?

Dianabol will likely cause a noticeable drop in testosterone levels very soon after one starts to use it. High doses of the steroid could cut testosterone levels almost in half. Additionally, growth hormones in the bloodstream will increase up to 30 percent above the norm.

Depending on the level of Dianabol one uses and the duration of their regimen, luteinizing hormones can experience a 50-80 percent reduction overall. Although the ratio of body fat does not usually see an increase when using Dianabol, one should still keep an eye on these numbers.


Muscle mass will usually increase anywhere between one and seven kilograms in a cycle.

Physically, users of Dianabol should find that they have greater endurance and higher strength ratios than before. The muscle mass one gains from using the steroid typically sticks around with ease, too. In general, anabolic steroids like Dbol will heighten our body’s natural protein synthesis, necessary for the production and repair of muscular cells.

During the actual half-life of the drug, the increase in strength one experiences is due to glycogenolysis as the steroid is breaking down the body’s glycogen. This means a bodybuilder should be able to lift heavier amounts for longer periods of time. It is this extra ability to life that will produce more lean muscle, the kind that will stay with the body after the Dbol regimen is complete.

Because a more strenuous workout will place more stress on the cells and damage them, Dbol’s injectable form is best for synthesizing the proteins that can make repairs to those damaged cells. However, oral Dianabol is similar enough that it will produce the same results.

The steroid works by repairing the existing muscle cells within your body via the synthesis rather than trying to create new ones altogether.

It is important to note, however, that women should not take either form of Dianabol. The steroid can have an adverse effect on the reproductive system and promote unwanted masculinization within the body.

Oral Dianabol is more common on the U.S. market than its injectable counterpart despite the latter’s popularity. Taken as a whole, proper use of Dianabol can promote bulk and increased muscle mass without the added risk of unwanted fat. Dbol is an excellent choice when the goal is to build mass while avoiding excess fat production.


How Dianabol is Used For Bodybuilding Purposes

One of the key features of Dbol is how easily it will merge or stack with a variety of other products on the market today. Other things you may already be using in your current workout routine include Winstrol, Deca or Test E.

All of these products will stack with Dianabol readily, making it a great choice for something you can add to your regimen without a lot of prep time.

Keep in mind that steroids will affect each one of us in different ways. What may be working well for a friend may not be the best choice for you depending on your health history or body type. For that reason, it is a good idea to run the tests we mentioned above and to take new steroids with care.

Users should treat each new drug as a trial run rather than simply jumping into things with the full dose. If you are stacking different products, find out what Dbol works with and what may cause a conflict.


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