Everything There is to Know About Testogen – Now Available in Ireland

For a man, testosterone is vital for a number of reasons. It not only helps build muscle but also helps a man’s overall mood and sex drive.
The problem is there are a number of issues that could decrease testosterone levels, such as stress or even age.
How to get Testogen if you’re from Ireland

Testogen is a natural supplement that can help with these issues. It has only been improving with each passing year with the help of the Ergo Group whose reputation proceeds them.


The following are some benefits associated with this supplement:

  • Helps to develop lean muscle mass
  • Improves strength if needed
  • Gives the body a boost of energy
  • Helps the body recover faster
  • Targets unnecessary body fat and removes it
  • The male libido is given a boost

Testogen and its myriad of benefits are now available in Ireland. Those interested in fitness, men’s health, and bodybuilding are excited to welcome the all-natural supplement to their community.


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A Closer Look at Testogen’s Formula

The people behind Testogen have worked hard to make this the most effective formula money can buy. Attempting to create the most effective formula has taken some time, but the team continues to push forward.

The ingredients have been upgraded in 2018, and the combination is even more effective than it has been in previous years.

Of course, the people behind this supplement believe in full disclosure; plus, they are quite excited to share the positive changes made to the formula. The following are the ingredients in this year’s formula (measurements are in accordance to each serving):

  • 200mg of magnesium from citrate
  • 20mg of vitamin B6 from pyridoxal
  • 10mg of zinc from citrate dihydrate
  • 50mcg of vitamin D3
  • 20mcg of vitamin K1 from phytonadione
  • 2352mg of D-Aspartic Acid
  • 40mg of nettle leaf
  • 40mg of red ginseng extract
  • 40mg of fenugreek
  • 20mg of boron from boron citrate
  • 5mg of bioperine–95 percent piperine


How to Take the Supplement

Four capsules a day is normally recommended.

Of course, these should be taken with a meal. The last one should be taken before heading to bed.


What People are Saying About Testogen

Finding negative reviews about Testogen will not be easy. Most independent reviews rave about the results. Users report improved muscles, feeling stronger, being faster, and an improved sex drive.

All in all, Testogen seems to be working just fine for those who’ve used it.


Are There Any Side Effects?

It seems that some users experienced adult acne when using the supplement.

This is probably due to the testosterone levels rising. The acne was usually negligible so it’s not something to worry about.


Where Can You Find This Supplement?

You should know that Testogen is not available in Ireland’s most known pharmacies like Local Pharmacy, McCabes Pharmacy, or the Irish Pharmacy Union. The supplement is also not available in drugstores like SureLifehealth, Nourish, and Inhealth.

Those who live in areas such as Dublin, Cork, or Waterford may need to visit testogen.com to purchase the Male Extra over the net. Of course, Testogen is also sold on testogen.com.


The Conclusion Regarding This Supplement

It is simply one the best natural testosterone boosting supplement out there!

Testogen and the team behind the supplement have succeeded in their goals, and savvy men get to benefit. A man’s life does not have to be subpar but rather awesome with the help of Testogen.


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