Best Steroid for Building Strength and Endurance

An individual who wishes to gain muscle mass and increase his speed and endurance to achieve longer workouts has more than likely heard about anabolic steroids. Those who are using these steroids for the first time may have some preconceived notions that lead to many questions.
Best Steroids for strength and endurance
It is essential for anyone considering using any of these products to be fully informed.

Choosing the Best Product for strength, endurance and modest mass gains

There are so many different steroids thus making it difficult for an individual to know which one is the right choice to build strength and modest mass. Even worse is the fact three different experts are likely to provide three different answers.

In spite of these differences, three steroids experts agree the following choices are the best when it comes to building strength and some bulk:

* Anadrol
* Trenbolone
* Metandienone
* Testosterone (and sometimes Anavar)

Focusing on these three products will provide both new and experienced users the information they need to make an informed choice.


Using Anadrol to Build Mass

There is no doubt Anadrol is the best oral steroid for building strength. This steroid has a DHT base, and as such the results it provides are quite explosive; in fact, many users see results in just a couple of weeks.

More power with anadrol


Anadrol has no effect on the body’s level of endurance, but it will increase the strength to its highest possible level.


This will then then allow the indivdual to lift more weights. In addition to building strength, Anadrol may also cause users to gain 20-30 pounds within a month’s time.

Taking Anadrol is not without risks. In fact, the side effects are so serious that an individual should not use the product any more often than 12 weeks a year. Users should also be certain to engage in post cycle therapy following this periodic use in order to avoid any major complications. Some of the more serious side effects of Anadrol include:

* Toxicity of the liver
* Weakens the heart tissue
* Edema leading to high blood pressure

Users should avoid the use of alcohol while using Anadrol.


Effects of Trenbolone

Trenbolone is a very popular steroid within the body building and weight lifting communities. While there are variances in the way Trenbolone acts for individual users, those who experience success with it swear it is the ultimate product for boosting the body’s strength.

Trenbolne for strength gains

There are a good many side effects connected to Trenbolone simply because it was never intended for human use. Some of the side effects include the following;

* Causes a rapid increase in the heart rate
* Increases the blood pressure
* Can lead to aggressive behavior
* May cause erectile dysfunction
* Can cause overheating, shortness of breath, night sweats, and sleep disorders


Building Strength with Metandienone (dianabol)

Metandienone is a synthetically-produced steroid that is extremely powerful and effective for boosting strength. In fact, it is one of the most powerful steroids on the market. Its anabolic to androgenic ratio of 12000/6000 may actually make it one of the most powerful anabolic steroids for strength boosting that has ever been produced.

Steroids Increase Muscle Strength

At the present time there are very few users of Metandienone, but that small percentage has reported substantial increases in strength.

While it may be effective for building strength, Metandienone also has side effects similar to other similar androgenic steroids such as:

* Loss of hair
* Development of acne
* Presence of enlarged breasts in males
* Liver toxicity even after use of small amounts

Because of the severity of some of the side effects this steroid should not be used for more than four weeks at any one time.


Injections of Testosterone

Making a list of the best steroids for building strength would not be complete without the inclusion of testosterone. There is no doubt there are other similar steroids on the list, but the use of testosterone is rated quite highly for building strength and endurance.

This is in spite of the fact that other steroids may have the ability to build strength quicker and even have an overall effect that is stronger.

testosterone Injections

Probably the most advantageous part of using testosterone is its lower hepatoxicity which means it is safe to use for a longer period of time than the other steroids listed in the above paragraphs. This means users can continue using testosterone continually for months instead of having to cycle on and off in four or twelve week periods. This continual use can lead to overall long-term gains in strength.

In spite of its overall benefits testosterone is not without side effects. Some of the negative effects an individual might experience after using testosterone include any of the following:

* Loss of hair
* Development of acne
* Breast enlargement (gynocomastia)
* Edema
* Increase in blood pressure
* Growth of body hair
* Cessation of the natural development of testosterone

For those who desire to see substantial gains in strength and endurance in a minimal time frame, adding AAS to their workout routines can be quite beneficial. There are many different steroids that fall into this category, and each one affects the body in different ways. This makes it essential to conduct research and speak to a medical professional before choosing a product and beginning a cycle.

In this article we only focused on three stereoids out of many: Anadrol, trenbolone, and Metandienone. Sometimes Anavar can be stacked with Trenbolone, D-bal and Testosterone. This provides enough information on the basics for an individual to assess whether anabolic drugs are right for him and his needs.

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