A Simple Guide to Understanding the Winstrol Cycle

There is a new anabolic steroid trending on the market. It’s called Winstrol, with impressed users calling it Winny for short. The actual scientific drug reference is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone known clinically as Stanozolol.

The steroid can be either injected or taken orally. While yet available on the open market, a smaller 10mg size for recreational users, and a more intense 50mg tablet for high performance trainers. The key effect of Winstrol is just that, enhancing high-impact training ambitions.

It is earning a reputation as one of the best steroids for cutting, with a vast percentage of the users taking it for that specific purpose. They are seeking to improve strength and speed, but avoid building bulky body mass that reduces flexibility. Therefore, Winstrol is growing in popularity as a valuable performance enhancing drug (PED).

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How to Take Winstrol

The liquid of Winstrol seems to be only popular with the most intense bodybuilders. Users must inject Winstrol at a preferred location on their body that pinpoints an intramuscular target spot. This method for taking Winstrol should be overseen by a professional trainer or an experienced expert.

However, intense athletes and even recreational Winstrol users find the tablet option very appealing. The tablet form is simple. Those who are adding a performance enhancing steroid for the first time will prefer the tablet method.

A key aspect of Winstrol is the active window. It will remain active for up to 48 hours, which removes any need to split the dose. A full dosage can be taken at one time, and at any point during the day. There is no need to schedule it prior to, or after a training session. Many users prefer to take just prior to a meal to help prevent any slight chance of an upset stomach.


What is the Winstrol Cycle?

Since cutting and enhanced athletic performance are commonly the priority objective of Winstrol users, the cycle is important. A daily oral dose is the most widely popular way of adhering to a productive cycle.

The recommended daily dose is between 40 and 80 milligrams, therefore the reason behind the 50mg tablet being so popular.

The overall cycle of Winstrol lasts roughly five to six weeks. Every new user should seriously consider starting out with the shorter cycle duration, and initially take the minimal dosage recommendation. Athletes, looking to maximize performance immediately, and professional bodybuilders may elect to start out with the high end dosage.

Be aware, that stacking and increasing the dosage can be briefly used to further enhance the benefits, but users must weigh the hepatoxic liver risk associated with over using Winstrol.

Those who train at peak intensity will also appreciate the ability to stack Winstrol with other anabolic steroids. Each user may have different objectives, but the ultimate result of incorporating Winstrol in a steroid stack will be a dramatic increase in muscle definition.

Another popular benefit is how Winstrol will amplify the anabolic effects of stacked cycle. It will eliminate any oestrogen side effects, common with certain steroid stacks. Combining Winstrol with Trenbolone is one highly successful technique to enhance muscle definition.

Track athletes also find the ability to dramatically increase power and endurance without adding mass extremely helpful. The ultimate result of the Winstrol cycle for typical users is an increase in strength, endurance and overall power, without adding excessive muscle mass.

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Are There Any Side Effects of Winstrol?

Anyone considering adding an anabolic steroid to their training regimen must consider all toxic side effects. The most discussed side effect Winstrol produces during the cycle is an intoxicating effect on the human liver.

For this reason, all those who are considering adding Winstrol should adamantly adhere to the dosage recommendations and the cycle duration. Anything above these amounts could radically increase the potential for liver damage.

Users should also apply extra caution when stacking with other anabolic steroids that have the same hepatoxic liver side effect. It is also suggested that Winstrol users avoid alcohol. As with all training supplements and performance enhancing drugs, users should appreciate the need for regular medical checkups.

All athletes should be aware of any personal medical conditions and restrictions that may be worsened by ingesting training supplements. Other than some degree of acne risk, other conditions such as oestrogen problems and mucus fluid buildup are rarely an issue.

To help prevent liver side effects, Winstrol users can incorporate products such as milk thistle to help protect their liver. Once the full cycle has been completed, it is important that users understand the effects on natural testosterone production. As with most anabolic steroids, a program of post cycle therapy is recommended for Winstrol users.

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