A quick overview of Nandrolone (Deca-Durabolin)

Nanadrolone Decanoate belongs to the anabolic androgenic steroid family. It has become the second most popular injectable steroid next to its chemical relative, testosterone.
Deca Durabolin - what is it, how it's used and the side effects
Deca Durabolin – what is it, how it’s used and the side effects
Sold under the brand name, Deca-Durabolin, it is also used to treat side effects from diseases such as the anemia kidney failure patient deal with.
Reasons People Use Nanadrolone Decanoate

Nanadrolone Decanoate is often prescribed by physicians to treat illnesses that cause the wasting of muscles. Doctors inject this drug into muscle tissue. As an anabolic steroid, this drug helps to promote the growth of cells.

Some of the diseases that can benefit from the administration of nanadrolone decanoate include kidney disease, COPD, some cancers, osteoporosis, and HIV.
Deca Durabolin

Nanadrolone Decanoate is also widely lauded by athletes and bodybuilders for its ability to help the user build lean muscle mass while stimulating appetite.

When using this drug in a non-clinical setting, it is important to learn proper techniques to administer and to follow directions exactly as given. This group of users is the most likely to abuse the drug and most prone to suffer side effects.
Possible Side Effects of Use

Just like any other steroid, the regular use of nanadrolone decanoate can cause side effects is patients. For those that abuse the drug, these side effects can be deadly even in those that are young and in good health. One scary aspect of these side effects is that they can appear out of nowhere and may be impossible to reverse.

Anabolic steroids create chaos in the body’s natural hormonal system. The body becomes confused and may slow or even stop production of testosterone. In men this may cause the testicles to shrink, balding of hair, and the formation of fatty breasts.

Users may also become infertile and are at a higher risk of developing testicular cancer. Because women’s bodies don’t normally produce high amounts of testosterone, side effects tend to cause them to take on manly characteristics. Their voices may become deep, breast tissue can shrink and body hair can increase.

Regular use of nanadrolone decanoate can be devastating to the cardiovascular system. It raises the blood pressure of users. This hypertension can lead to diseases of the heart and kidneys and may lead to aneurysms. Along with a rise in blood pressure, it also raises levels of LDL cholesterol which may lead to atherosclerosis and puts the user at a higher risk of developing blood clots which can cause strokes and heart failure. Users with diabetes need to be careful as the drug can interfere with blood sugar levels.

One of the largest risk factors associated with any steroid has to do with the high probability that the drugs being ingested are counterfeit. It is estimated that a third of all steroids available are counterfeit.

The possibility of contamination raises the risk of infection. This can lead to abscesses at the injection site or even gangrene and septicemia. Just one dose of counterfeit drugs can be fatal.

Are There Any Other Options

For those looking to safely increase testosterone levels, there are a number of natural supplements available. When deciding on a n alternative option, watch for the following ingredients:

Aromatase Inhibitors – The body converts testosterone into the hormone oestradiol via the aromatase enzyme. Aromatase inhibitors suppress this reaction allowing higher levels of testosterone to remain in the body.

Tribulus – This is one of the most popular boosters of testosterone on the market. One of the main ingredients is protodioscin, a natural compound that can help raise amounts of testosterone.
D-aspartic Acid – Also a testosterone booster, this amino-acid has the ability to raise level by 42%.

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