5 Reasons to Avoid Buying Crazy Bulk Supplements From Amazon

Crazy Bulk is growing in popularity due to its impressive results and high level of customer satisfaction and reviews.
Although its customer base is rising fast, many of these customers are losing money by making the mistake of purchasing Crazy Bulk products through Amazon or other online stores rather than directly through the company’s official website.
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Read on to learn 5 reasons you will save money and experience more benefits by purchasing Crazy Bulk directly through their official website.

1. You Will Pay More When Purchasing Through Amazon

Although Amazon may offer great deals on certain products, Crazy Bulk is not one of them. You will save a significant amount of money by purchasing stacks and products directly through Crazy Bulk.

Generally, you can expect to pay around 20 percent more from other sites and end up receiving less product for your money. In some cases, the percentage in price difference can be even higher than 20 percent.

2. Your Purchase Options Are Limited

Buying directly through Crazy Bulk’s official website enables you to customize your products by mixing and matching items according to your specific needs. Additionally, you will experience an increase in convenience since Crazy Bulk always has items in stock whereas Amazon is often out of stock.

3. You Lose out on Special Free Offers

When buying from Amazon, you miss out on excellent discounts, promotions, and free offers. For example, Crazy Bulk features an offer that gets you a third product free when you buy two of any of their products.

Crazy Bulk offers “Buy 2 get 1 Free” deals
This means that with any bulking stack you purchase, you can get a second completely free. This bonus offer also applies to their individual products and can end up saving you a great deal of money compared to Amazon.

4. A Picture Testimonial Will not Earn you a Free Stack

One of the main reasons Crazy Bulk appeals so highly to their customers is their high number of positive client testimonials. When Crazy Bulk introduced their first items, they offered users an excellent deal: receive any free stack and a free T-shirt in exchange for sending in your before and after photos and your 30 days results of using Crazy Bulk.

Crazy Bulk offers free bonus “Stacks” for users who post their before and after pics

As of today, Crazy Bulk still runs this money-saving promotion. All users have to do is submit their before and after photos, incorporate Crazy Bulk into their regimen for 30 days, and mention an overview of their goals and how Crazy Bulk is helping them get closer to reaching them. Upon submitting your testimonial and photos, you will be eligible for your choice of any stack – for free. You will not find deals or promotions such as this one when purchasing through Amazon.

5. The Product may not be Fresh

If you buy Crazy Bulk items through Amazon, they often ship using third party companies rather than the original supplier. Similar to vitamins, supplements will lose efficacy if they are no longer fresh.

Buying your stacks and other supplements directly through Crazy Bulk ensures you are receiving fresh, high-quality, genuine products that offer optimal results and maximum efficacy.

Our Final Thoughts
If you are committed to completely transforming your shape and increasing your health, Crazy Bulk is one of the top choices to consider to help you reach your goals. To get the best deal, take advantage of free offers, and save over 20 percent, it is best to purchase directly from Crazy Bulk rather than other sites such as Amazon.

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